10 October 2012


Santa Paws turned over the reins to a hand picked Boad of Directors. The original Santa Paws retired but will remain as the face of Santa Paws. The new crew of eight volunters will take over all of the jobs handled by Mr. Santa Paws himself.



18 November 2011


Last Christmas we delived dog, cat, and other animal holiday packages to 767 homes. This year we are adding more to the list. We have been relying on our volunteers early this year to handle more of the work since Mrs. Paws and myself have had a decline in health. Our great volunteers are pitching in and helping to make this year another successful event. Our attempt to establish a Board of Directors, in February 2012, had failed, having only one volunteer step up to the plate.




12 December 2010

Santa and Mrs. Paws relax during a visit to the PetsMart in Newport News, VA.


18 November 2009

Article printed in the Smithfield Times




2 November 2009

The Students, Teachers, and Parents of Mount Vernon Elementary School, in Yorktown, presented Santa Paws with a car load of food, toys, and treats collected in their annual "Help The Animals" drive.

28 October 2009


A donation of $500 was presented to Santa Paws by the Isle of Wight County Humane Society.


18 September 2009


The 2009 Santa Paws Christmas Season was kicked off with an exhibit at the Isle of Wight County Fair. Hundreds of visitors stopped by the booth to chat with Santa and Mrs. Paws and the first donations of the season were beginning to in.