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Santa Paws provides toys, treats, and food to pets of  families in need throughout the Hampton Roads area on Christmas day. For the remainder of the year, a Pet Food Bank is available for families that may need a little help.



Write a note to Santa Paws for your pet asking for special goodies for christmas. Be sure to leave pets name(s) and the address at which they live.




From Christmas of 2002, until present, Santa Paws has been visiting families throughout Hampton Roads. No one should be denied the love and companionship of a family pet even though struggling to make ends meet. This is the time in a person’s life when unconditional love is an extremely valuable commodity.





Santa Paws also operates a Food Bank for pets. In these hard economic times it sometimes becomes a struggle to provide for oneself and their pet. To prevent the pet from suffering, nutritious food can be provided for urgent circumstances. If pet food cannot be purchased until payday, then a call to Santa Paws can provide the food needed until the pet owner can get back on their feet.





Donations are greatly needed and are the core to keeping the Santa Paws visits going. Please keep treat boxes small and food bags below ten pounds. We deliver to a large number of disabled and elderly clients that are unable to handle the large bags of food.


Toys, treats, and high quality food may be dropped off at a number of locations throughout Hampton Roads. Click on the DONATIONS icon to the left  for a complete list of drop-off sites. Cash donations may also be dropped off at these sites or mailed to Santa Paws, Post Office Box 886 , Smithfield , VA 23431. Please make all checks payable to “Santa Paws”.





Volunteers are always needed to help with the Santa Paws tradition.


Elves are needed to pick up and transport donations as well as helping to assemble the gift bags to be delivered on or before Christmas Day. The elves will meet on Sunday, December 21 at 11:00 AM and have a grand gift assembly party. It’s a good time to share kinship with other animal lovers and enjoy the cider, cocoa, cookies, and Christmas music.

Those with delivery routes can pick up their gifts on Sunday, December 21 at 2:00 PM.


Santa’s Helpers will enjoy their deliveries to families in need by assisting Santa Paws in his Christmas Day deliveries.





Back in 2002 it all started in  Isle of Wight   County  with about five deliveries.  In 2012 there were over 256 packages delivered to 200 homes and the coverage stretched from  Southampton   County , down to  Suffolk , over to  Virginia Beach , across the water to  Hampton , and up the Peninsula to  Williamsburg .





Nominations of families in need may be made at any time during the year. Anyone can make a nomination by contacting Santa Paws at (757) 859-6610 or (757) 642-3514, email at, or click on the Nominations icon to the left.


Some information is mandatory for an accepted nomination. Please provide the address for delivery; the type and number of each pet; the size of the pet, if applicable; and any other information such as diet restrictions, age, etc. We would not want to give a rawhide bone to a dog with bad, or no, teeth. Also the following information needs to be provided: Name of recipant, phone number and/or e-mail address, address, and a "wish list" for the pets.





Keep up-to-date with what is going on in the Santa Paws Program. Included are announcements, major donations, and whats making the media.





Business's, organizations, and individuals that provide multiple services for the Santa Paws Program are recognized as sponsors. They volunteer their time, donate food/treats, serve as drop-off sites, and make cash donations. Please visit our sponsor page and e-travel to our sponsors sites.